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Sdc 14x9 coil  Empty Sdc 14x9 coil

Post  billbo82 on Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:16 pm

Anyone else here used the coiltec 14x9 for the sdc?
What do you think? Imo it's a bloody waste of money...
Was out and about today pickin up a few bits and when my first set of batteries died I thought I'd go back to camp and whack em on charge and then swap to the 14x9. (Of course I left the 8 inch at camp)
Got back out to the spot and after a few minutes I decided to drop one of the lead shot from my pocket on the ground and run the coil over it... nothing, until I touched the coil to the lead. I thought oh well no probs... I pulled out the half grammar that I got yesterday with the 8 inch at about 5-6 inches down, dropped it on the ground and waved... nothing till about 3-4 inches??? Wtf. What's the good of it if it can't get a half grammer at 6 inches. The 8 inch will get good size gold plenty deep.
Of the 5 days out here at Bendigo now, only one day I didn't get a single piece... you guessed it was the second day when I used the 14x9 all day. I thought it was just bad luck, but I think now just bad tech.
Interested to see if anyone has had better success?
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Sdc 14x9 coil  Empty Re: Sdc 14x9 coil

Post  goldie on Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:08 am


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