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Places To Detect Nuggets Around Sydney?

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Places To Detect Nuggets Around Sydney?  Empty Places To Detect Nuggets Around Sydney?

Post  Paleoworld-101 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:24 pm

Hi guys, my names Nathan. I'm 16 turning 17 soon and i just joined the forum Smile

I am very interested in going out metal detecting for some Gold nuggets around the Sydney area. I will be buying the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver detector soon. I've been collecting fossils since i was 10 and am now getting ready to study Paleontology at university (hoping to work at The Australian Museum in Sydney as a Paleontologist), so i'm not totally clueless about the wonders of the earth, but when it comes to gold detecting yes i am a noob haha.

From a bit of research i have read that Sydney isn't a good place to find nuggets, as the Sydney Basin surrounding Sydney yields only fine gold at best. Because of this i am willing to travel a bit to find a good detecting area (also i still need over 100 hours drive time to go for my P's). Bathurst is the place that springs to mind for me, are there areas around Bathurst that i can metal detect to find small nuggets? I'm tired of doing the same old tourist panning where they throw the tiny alluvial bits in every morning haha how embarrassing. Although one time i did actually find a nugget (compared to the other sand grain size bits it was more like a rice grain) in one of those fake gold pan pools.

Any advice on localities to detect will be appreciated. Probably 400km in all directions from Sydney is my max. Please just tell me any good spot to find small nuggets in this area (gram, 2 grams but of course larger is fine too!), with an approximate location that i can find on a map and visit. For example, just saying "Bathurst" is pretty vague, a bit more specific please. Thanks guys!


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Places To Detect Nuggets Around Sydney?  Empty Re: Places To Detect Nuggets Around Sydney?

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:46 am

hi Nathan
mate i never had any success there myself , but some of the forum members have done quite well detecting the hills around Hill End. if you go there in winter take your woolies. a couple of yrs ago the better have and i were up there in november ( the missus got gold and i didn`t ) and at 1:30 in the arvo it snowed. you can also pan for gold up there.
good luck with the gold hunting
cheers dave


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