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Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance Found

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Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance Found Empty Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance Found

Post  adrian ss Thu Mar 10, 2022 7:34 am

Wow! If they could find that ship 3 kays down you would think they will be able to find MH-370.....Hmmm Maybe not?

I guess with Endurance they knew where it sank but still took 107 years.

So going by those figures it is unlikely MH-370 will ever be found
adrian ss
adrian ss
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Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance Found Empty Re: Ernest Shackleton's Ship Endurance Found

Post  Cranky Emu Sat Mar 19, 2022 2:55 pm

I believe it could be found, not easily - but nonetheless found. The problem lays with the Malaysian government, they have to give the green light to any future search being conducted. Unless (and I am not 100% sure on this) some rich person(s) decided to fork out for the costs.

It is all a bit of a mystery, right from the moment it left Malaysia airspace. There seems to be reasonable evidence indicating someone on the flight deck (whether it be the Captain or First Officer) was responsible. As such this would bring huge shame (in their minds) to the country. Nearly all Asian countries (especially S/E Asian) have this big thing about shame. Be it National or personal/domestic. Shame is something they will go to extreme lengths to avoid at all costs. This is where the problem lies and a highly possible reason why Malaysian Government are not so keen or in any great hurry.
Cranky Emu
Cranky Emu

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