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gold stolen in WA Empty gold stolen in WA

Post  mark garrett on Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:56 am

1998 ON THE SPECKING PATCH. I was their one day the next morning I had 5 bits the biggest 4 grams
At lunch time two locals came rumbling into my camp with no muffler on their car,
Too big blokes skin allot darker than mine.
Saying “hay bud give us a look at your gold'' they bullied me till I had to show them something,
I had my boots off when they arrived, it all happened so quick when I put the 5 nuggets in my hand they stood real close to me I was backed up to my truck.
One of them grabbed the 4 gramma and said ill keep this for payment for being on their land. He put it in his pocket I knew it would get ugly if I challenged them.
I said what you mean by that .they stood over me. So I sat down kept eating my lunch a cooked chook and vegies the younger bloke was watching me I said to him sit down have some he did.
The older meaner bloke said to him come lets go. His mate said to me do you wanna a beer I think he might have felt sorry for me??I said come back tonight we will have a beer.
As I said it all happened in about 5 minutes. As soon as they drove away I put my boots on tried to follow them. They were gone I told the police the car model.
The police said they have never had this happen before, they did find the two blokes nothing happened. The police said I done the right thing and kept my cool.
I believe they were gentlemen and not greedy they could off killed me and my dog taken all my gear and the 22 ounces hidden in my truck if they had known.
mark garrett
mark garrett
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gold stolen in WA Empty Re: gold stolen in WA

Post  marty on Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:16 pm

Hi Mark, bad luck about that, did you have an article in the Gold Gem and Treasure about that a few years ago ? MARTY

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