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How i got into prospecting

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How i got into prospecting Empty How i got into prospecting

Post  Aurumick Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:55 pm

I started off panning in creeks as a yongster with my Father, in the 1980"s as He did with His father.
At this time i didn't  know much about gold, i thought gold just came in the size of tiny specks,
panned from crevice in creeks, with the occasional gem stones.

I never really got the bug for it back than,  Sad

Later we used our home made craddle rockers for a while, lot of hard work for few more specks,
learn't that pyrite was known as (fools gold).  Surprised

My father bought a garret groundhog one his fist detectors, hit diggings old craddle & clay heaps
use to find match head size bits,...........

Later bougt the garret A2B, so i used his groundhog manage to find 0.8gm bit. Smile
cut long story short.....................

Each weekend we'd go detecting with father and his mate (dave)
who taught us a lot, when it came to detecting in new ground, and a few of his old area's plus new ground.
when the first minelab's became avaiable GT15000 & FT16000,

Two of my uncles were also into gold detecting as well. dad and Dave took one of my uncles out detecting, and talk about being a tinny a##e
uncle pulls 2oz nugget from the ground, goes and sits down playing with his new nug, after his rest he gets up walks straight on 1oz bit. Surprised  Shocked

After seeing these bits come out of the ground, the gold bug has really hit me now i was convinced there is bigger gold out there! Smile

Well i bought a secondhand GT15000 as my first detector, took me 12months to find my first 1gm bit, Very Happy  but i knew there had to more out there,
alot of patience and persistance, And from time to time ya hear about someones find that egdes you on. study

When SD2000 came out i was little bit slow at getting one needed a Bank loan of  $2300 to purchase one,
back than, new age of detector punch down deeper
dug a few holes waist deep with mine allways turned out to be junk,
but did eventually find a few nice bits of gold which a couple bits i've kept,
i even sold one bit to buy property with, a good investment too,

Up graded to Gpextreme found enougth to pay for its self a couple times over,
than up graded to 4500 same thing payed for its self few times over, than upgraded to 5000 I've done alright with as well
Gold's a funny thing the more you want it the less you find it, Surprised
Always loved the great outdoor aussie bush couldn't think of any other place i'd rather be  king

Sorry about my grammer ect, not my strongest point, Prospecting more my game!

cheers mickAu
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How i got into prospecting Empty Re: How i got into prospecting

Post  Guest Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:23 pm

Good post, great read.. Q38


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How i got into prospecting Empty Re: How l got into prospecting

Post  tack Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:50 am

You have inspired me. Being new to the game I need these stories.

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