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Post  nutty4nuggets Sun May 25, 2014 4:09 pm

Hi all, just saying hello my name is Troy , im 47,living in collie wa,is there anyone that could shed some light on what paper work is required when prospecting,correct me if i am wrong please.
q1;if i have my miners rights and im prospecting on crown land[pastoral] all i require is the land owners permission ,true/false

q2;if im prospecting on crown land and there is a mining lease on this land i also need the lease holders permission and the pastoralists permission to prospect ,true/false

with regards to these questions which forms do i need to fill out .i think with q1; its just the [application to enter upon private land]what is the [application for mining tenement] cover,this is where in getting confused any help would be greatly appreciated,cheers Troy.

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Post  AnnieL Tue May 27, 2014 8:55 pm

Troy, have a read of this -  and this booklet -

Q1: "While permission to prospect on Crown land is not generally required you should take all reasonable and practical steps to give the pastoralist prior notification in order to ascertain whether your presence will interfere with the pastoralist’s activities.

Exception occurs should you wish to prospect close to specified areas that are listed under the Act, including watering holes, dwellings and cultivated lands. In these cases, consent is required and for your own protection this should be in writing."

Q2.  See answer above about pastoralist. BUT the document in the second link says -
"Fossicking – A person may fossick on a pastoral lease provided the prior written consent of the pastoralist has been obtained. Where the land is also held as a mining tenement the consent of the mining tenement holder is also required. Section 40D(1)(g)
‘Fossick’ under section 8(i) of the Mining Act means ‘to search, for extract and remove rock, ore or minerals, other than gold or diamonds, in quantities not exceeding the prescribed amount and by means not prohibited under the reguations, as samples or specimens for the purpose of a mineral collection, lapidary work or a hobby interest’. The prescribed amount is 20 kilograms under regulation 4."

That's about the best I can do.  Maybe give the local Mining Warden a telephone call.

Good luck.

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