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Post  sct on Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:23 pm

Hello all,
Just new to detecting and have found it fascinating along with a urge to have a go and see what's out there to be found. I'm open to spending around a $1000.00 for my first detector and keep getting drawn to the Garrett AT Gold. I am after a quality all round detector to cover all bases. For all those with experience with detectors am I looking at a good quality all round detector in the Garrett or could you suggest alternatives and why?


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Post  Guest on Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:03 am

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Here is a good link to check out.

Keep in mind it relates to the USA and that our soils here tend to be more mineralized where the gold is. If it were me I would probably save a bit more and then get two different machines a cheap one for the beach and second hand ML one for the goldfields. I guess it depends on how often you will get out and what you will be mostly chasing. I think Gold is not that easy to find and having lower end units doesn't help. Perhaps get a coin machine for the beach and save up for a better gold machine with your finds? People do find gold with the infiniums I'm just not sure how hard they to use and they don't tend to post many results up either. They don't seem very popular in Australia for some reason. Member Adrian SS uses them and there is one for sale with very little use. Hope this helps, cheers


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