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Trip to Hill End and Sofala

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Trip to Hill End and Sofala Empty Trip to Hill End and Sofala

Post  Twapster Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:40 pm

As a keen trout fishing guy it was a trip to Turon Gates- one of my favorite camp/cabin hideways.....I realized there was a lot of Quartz around and while back home I googled it an all of a sudden I realized I had been in GOLD COUNRTY. Spent a couple of weeks researching on the internet about Gold in NSW discovering my favourite fishing spots were Gold areas! I recall Dad had bought a Minelab Ex-Terra70 a few years back and asked him could I borrow it. Another week of investigation via google etc.

Next minute I found myself in Sofala and Hill you can actually see why these areas are Gold areas...its like slate and quartz cover the entire country side unlike regular bush towns.Its like it has "rained" quartz there. Hit some areas from Turon to Sofala and gathered a whole bag of shells,bullets,horse shoes,ring pulls, nails, pellets,ball bearings,coins,can pieces etc and realized I was enjoying myself so "search" of gold, that even the dummy targets were interesting!

Next was a trip to the  Minersden and a panning kit. Back to Hill End and the Bridle Track for 3 days of looking learning and searching. Day 3 I started to find the areas ive seen in video's.......I think thats why the gold find videos often don't show the surrounds so we cant identify them! Didn't detect any gold but I felt I was so close.....same soil,quartz everywhere...and detector dig holes everywhere.

On the way home picked a bucket of soil from Hill End and some from Sofala- same bucket so big mistake- no way to tell which dig it was from. Because when I got home and panned my FIRST PIECE OF GOLD!...I realised it would be nice to know which dig it came from. the bug and am planning another trip. Would love some advice on getting to the gold. The "Goldy" area was just back from the lookout track to where the big Holterman nugget was found....well over 200kg. Thats as far as I got and only detected for a couple of hours. Id had no luck on the Bridle Track.

Love the forum and cant wait to get back to Hill End and explore further. Anyone from that area would love to get some inside tips to find my first REAL NUGGET !



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