Cool old nail collection!

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Cool old nail collection! Empty Cool old nail collection!

Post  k-girl on Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:01 am

Smile Soon i will have enough old nails to build a fence! Rolling Eyes Been up to beaufort today to have a look around and forgot my basket ball, bowling ball and balloon! tongue so i will have to spend some time doing some reading and planning, i thinks. Idea. Having so much fun, and learning lots of new things. the hubby and i are really getting into this cool new past time. I am really learning heaps off you guys and girls, study there is so much knowledge you would never stop learning new things. cheers Going to head back to beaufort next week to stay for a few days What a Face After reading some info yesterday can anyone tell me what a rat trap or rabbit trap is Question Question . unless its got to do with fairy park lol! As its said swinging rocks!! bounce

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