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Post  Leatherpot on Sat May 30, 2009 11:32 am

A couple of years back,my mate and I were detecting Paddy's Ranges when we happened upon an area where ther were a lot of graves marked with little tin crosses and surrounded by stones. ( On further investigation we were told of an epidemic that killed many hundreds of people) We moved away a little and cranked up the Magic Wands again and before long I got a signal in a little gully,Carefully I excavated the target and came up with an old rusty piece of steel,then I noticed a bit of glass in the hole so I proceeded to dig it out, all the time thinking that this could be some old timers stash of nuggets,I eventually got the brown bottle out in one piece and it was full of dirt, while I was cleaning it out at home I noticed that the dirt was different to the area where we found it.
I told my mate this and he SAID!" You rotten bugger, that was probably the flower pot for some poor souls grave,you bloody Grave Robber you!
I don't know if I am game to dig up anymore glass objects now.

Cheers Leatherpot


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