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Post  granite2 Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:47 pm

Just to let everyone know my Gold CDs are now available from these prospecting shops.

Coiltek Gold Centre, Maryborough Vic. 03 54604700
Finders Keepers, Kalgoorlie WA. 08 9021 2211
Miners Den SA (Coiltek Manufacturing)
Prospectors Patch, Perth WA. 0892508998
Clermont Detectors, Clermont Qld. 07 49832002
North Queensland Miners Den, Cains. 07 4051 4413

News from Gold Rush Days Publications
All Gold CDs now come with Google Earth photos and markers

This CD includes a link to a website that shows you how to easily work through the mysteries of WA Mines Dep.Tengraph on line system. Also: a step by step tuition on selecting and applying for a Section 20A’s. On the CD: how to get and use the incredible Ozziemaps and combine them with Google Earth for the easiest and quickest way to get around and find new ground. Also on the disc, scores of new GPS Waypoints and directions as well as Google Earth links and images. This CD will have out there with your Section 20A’s and Tengraph maps finding gold in no time, anywhere between Menzies and Wiluna. $35.00 including postage

This File - Sandstone area of WA contains many Google Earth Images and Links. Google Earth is now one of the most powerful tools the electronic prospector can have There are also detailed maps the can be enlarged for better detail along with GPS Waypoints to get you on the gold producing areas faster. The detailed directions make sure you won’t lose your way and there are over 100 high resolution photos of the Sandstone goldfields to let you see what the country looks like before you even leave home. Sandstone is one of the premier nugget producing locations in WA and during the 2009 season we found over 13oz in about 6 weeks of actual prospecting.

Westralian Gold section - this File one the CD contains 60 GPS waypoints and twenty detailed maps that can be enlarged for better detail.
Twenty-six separate location with detecting advice on all.
Tips on navigation. Powering your camp. Communications (UHF radio & mobile phones).
Obtaining water. Outback Photography. Important information from the WA mines Department including an application for a WA Miners Right and the Mines Department guidelines booklet for visiting prospectors. In all, 28,000 words of advice and tips to get you on the gold, including over 300 goldfield photos. $29.50 including postage gets you all the information from both CDs on one disc.

Ararat, Deep Lead and Londonderry goldfields CD. For the first time a comprehensive guide to one of the least known, but very rich, Victorian goldfields. GPS waypoints and detailed directions to get you on goldfields that compared to other goldfields have had little action. This CD not only shows you where and how on public land but gives good advice on the scores of small goldfields scattered about the district on private land. It is these many small and sometimes very rich diggings that have had few detectors over them. Not to mention thousands of acres of new and very promising ground around the old diggings. Also included on the CD are two complete much sought after books on the Victorian Goldfields. Each book would cost more than this CD $29.50 including postage.

The Beginners Guide
This CD covers both coin and nugget hunting in unprecedented depth. It is a condensation of 30 years of experience in both fields and is a must for anyone contemplating taking up detecting. This CD will save you time and money and with a bit of perseverance and luck it will make you money as well. And I can guarantee it will help you have a lot more fun a lot quicker. $29.50 including postage

The DVD covers everything you need to know to make beautiful and unique natural gold nugget pendants and earrings. And also shows you how to best utilise and value add those tiny nuggets you have been collecting for years but haven’t been able to use. This DVD is now available for $33.00 including postage. 45 minutes of video instruction and 3 pages of written information clearly shows just how easy it is to make great jewellery for yourself and friends or to simply value add your nuggets.

This CD is designed to especially help those prospectors find their way around the General Permission Areas (GPA's) on the Clermont fields. It includes 26 waypoints to get you on the gold. Four high definition maps of GPAs and one high definition topographical map of the Clermont goldfields with a satellite view as well. All maps can be enlarged for better viewing of contour lines etc. There are 36 pages with nearly 17,000 words of advice and tips, 56 goldfield photos as well as links to Qld government departments. Also included on the CD is a Historic Fiction novel of the Palmer River gold rush. Total Cost is $29.50 including postage.

This CD contains the essential tools for a great trip to the Tibooburra and Mt Brown goldfields of NW NSW. There are maps to get you onto the right spots that can be enlarged for better detail of contour lines etc. GPS waypoints to enable you to go direct to the best starting points for finding more gold, and to know when you have arrived. There are many photos of the different goldfields to allow you to know what the country looks like before leaving home. There are many tips on navigation and vehicles, communications (UHF radio) and handy phone numbers to allow you to phone landowners to gain permission to detect and camp. Good things to remember and a great deal more. $29.50 including postage.

Contact me at Ph: 0409285556 Or, 173 Hallmont Estate, 20 Woodlands Drive Mt Gambier SA 5290
We accept Pay Pal, personal cheques, money orders and direct bank deposits.
Best regards, Jim Foster.

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