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Is there Gold in the NT?

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Is there Gold in the NT? Empty Is there Gold in the NT?

Post  Wags76 Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:49 pm

Hi there,

New to this forum thing, never been apart of one before so here I am to get some help. I am new to the game. I was in WA Kalgoorlie where I got my self a second hand GP3500. Not cheep but I guess I needed all the help to get a good start. I only used it half a dozen time tying to learn how to us it but never found any gold. Not to say I never brushed over it just did not pick it up as I know where I was going there was gold to be found. The thing is I left WA and have moved to Dawin NT. What I want to know is where can I go. Is there any one in the NT that knows?
Going bush is not a new thing for me. I'm been a farm work most my life and also a shooter pig . I have lived and worked on large stations but none with gold lol. I'm new to the top end and would like to find some where I can go. Is there permits I need for the top end?

Any info would be grate Thanks bounce


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Is there Gold in the NT? Empty Re: Is there Gold in the NT?

Post  Guest Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:08 am

What! You're a shooter? So you've been responsible for heaps of our wasted time digging 22's & shotgun pellets?

I can't help you with locations for digging gold up north, I wish I could. But are you kidding, you've dropped bunches of false targets for us? Evil or Very Mad

All the best Wags76. Very Happy


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Is there Gold in the NT? Empty Re: Is there Gold in the NT?

Post  Nature_Pete Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:58 am

Hi Wags76,

A quick google search is in order I think. I found a link to get you started ...

According to this there is gold up there and you do need a permit (from what I read briefly). Also, to better get to know your machine I would consider joining a club. Here's a link for the NT Club ...

Hope this helps you on your way and best of luck.

Nature Pete. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Is there Gold in the NT? Empty Re: Is there Gold in the NT?

Post  Guest Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:41 am

Is there ice at the South Pole?? Very Happy Very Happy cheers cheers

If te canny find a few bits ararnd Tennent Crik ye aint tryin.

Arltunga Goldfields
Brock's Creek Goldfields
Cullen River Goldfields
Daly River District Goldfields
Eleanor Reef Goldfields
Finniss River Goldfields
Gandy's Gully Goldfields
Macdonnell Ranges Goldfields
Maude Creek Goldfields
Nobles Nob Goldfields
Pine Creek Goldfields
Priscilla Reef Goldfields
Tanami District Goldfields
Tennant Creek Goldfields
Tumbling Waters Goldfields
Union Reef Goldfields
Warrego Goldfields
Yam Creek Goldfields


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