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The items we find Empty The items we find

Post  Kon61gold on Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:09 am

How many times we find all manner of items such as nails, knives, pick heads, etc. Often we don't even know what we pick up but we put in our collection of odds and ends and may be one day we find out what it is.

Several years ago, I found an item like that, could it be a decoration off a blind, something off a piano, who knows. I took my collectin of nuggets and odds and sodds to my relatives in Yackandandah and on going through them my cousin, said that looks like a bridge off a violin. Well it must have been in the goldfields since the 1870s so who was I to argue.

Well my other cousin said he played the violin so he brought it out and guess what, it was the bridge to the violin and it was something that changed the tone and made the sound sweeter. So I made him a present of it and so over a 100 years later it is being used again. Somethings other than gold make us smile

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