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Welcome - The Rules of the Forum

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Welcome - The Rules of the Forum Empty Welcome - The Rules of the Forum

Post  Kon61gold Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:17 pm

This forum was established after 7 years when we were MSN Gold Detecting. This determined that there needed to be a forum free of personal attacks and spam, where members could contribute to discussions freely and obtain the information they want. Contributions made by all the members have helped to make our forum one of the most interesting on the web for those looking for gold, but I have had to enforce a couple of rules to make it that way.
These are:

Slander and putting down your fellow members is banned - We respect others.  All members are to be treated as brothers and sisters for we all want to find our Gold and Treasure.

Anarchy -  Any questions or answers involving derogatory remarks, insinuation, intimidation or just simply for the purpose of creating havoc between members, shall be deleted or removed without explanation.

Foul language is out as well. The language we may use around a campfire with a bunch of guys is not to be used here.  This is a public forum.

Copyright.  Just as we ask that we respect each other, then we must respect the copyright of others as well.  Rather than copy an article, make your comments and tell us about it

Politics or matters of Religion, are to be kept to an absolute minimum. After all, this is first & foremost a  Gold Detecting/Prospecting Forum.

Spam is out automatically

When you join, you accept the conditions above, so any breaches will mean a warning from one the Managers who may also ban you from the site if further breaches occur.  Its like driving, when you drive safely, everyone  is happy, but if you have an accident it is up to the Courts whether they take your licence away.

Apart from adhering to the above rules, there is little restriction on what you can add. Members joined because of the information here.  Lets keep it that way.  Be constructive in your messages and reply to those who have submitted questions.  It may be your turn next when you want some answers.

Make sure you pick the right Forum to put your query ie Prospecting Tips, Items for Sale, etc. if you think your message will help someone.  If you just put your message up for General Discussion it may get lost after a few days and you may not get the results you want.  We all learn something when we read a message so if you have anything to add, feel free to do so as everyone has something to offer even if you are a new chum. A lot of people think of a question but for their own reason they don't ask it, so you may ask their question for them.

Most all, enjoy the forum and I hope that it helps you find your own pot of Gold.  Tell others about us so they can also contribute.


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