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Land Holder side of the story

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Land Holder side of the story Empty Land Holder side of the story

Post  shelby23 Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:33 am

This was a Post
Winnecke . NT
Wednesday 16 November 2010 at 8:50 pm
A year ago I got to Alice Springs, intending to go to Winnecke to do some detecting, only to find that the owners of Garden Station had an advertisement in the local rag, saying that anyone entering the property would be charged with tresspassing and that all prior permissions had been cancelled. Can anyone tell me if these bans have been lifted yet.
I wonder if a NT Perpetual Miners Right would give me the right to enter, and prospect.

A man comes up to a farmer.
Says with this piece of paper I can go on any ones property I like.
The Farmer said I don’t want you to go on that paddock over there.
Well out come the piece of paper so the farmer said “what ever”.
Any way 2 hours later the farmer hears horrific screams a gasping and sees the Man running across that paddock, with a large bull hot on his tail.
The man screams at the farmer to help!
The farmer helps by saying.
Show the Bull the piece of paper!

My side of the story
I as a land holder have a remote area set aside for the Wild Life Careers to release there animals back in to the wild as they have special needs.
I don’t let people in that area for a very good reason.
The program has been very successful with breeding of next generation animals.
I haven’t signed posted the area, as I know what is happening.
It is a volunteer project that I support and this is my way of sponsoring.
I hope this shows that not every thing is black and white for us Landholders.

Neale from Biloela Queensland

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Land Holder side of the story Empty Re: Land Holder side of the story

Post  kon61 Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:03 pm

Good one about the "bull" Shelby!. Yeah,not much good showing a piece of paper to a charging bull.
What the farmer should've yelled back after hearing the mans cries for help was "BRACE YOUR SELF".

Cheers kon61.

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Land Holder side of the story Empty LANDOWNER SIDE OF THE STORY

Post  fastgold Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:46 pm

When johnny vitoski who owned the lease at winneckie passed away in a car accident the mines dept took over and back filled the main old mine and put up for sale. This was bought by the davies family in alice stripped of plant and sold to owner of magic spark museum at back of camel farm who was member of local gem club for use by club. I believe he eventually sold it to a outback tour company who used to take tours there.Isuggest ringing local gem club as to getting the current owner etc and permission as the owners of garden station have always been difficult but probably with due cause as they have had theft and damage to their adjacent water tanks.I'd like to know who got johnny's old hand hewn marble table tob sitting on the tree stump as i bought from davies only to go out to find it flogged,regards mark

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Land Holder side of the story Empty Re: Land Holder side of the story

Post  thelion Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:26 pm

Due to the change in NT Fossicking laws in 2012, it may actually be illegal to stop persons fossicking, the new laws allow for fossicking on pastoral leases under certain conditions and it is actually possible to bring the matter before the courts if a lease holder refuses access.

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