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Hand pump (yabby pump)

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Hand pump (yabby pump)  Empty Hand pump (yabby pump)

Post  Pat308 Thu Sep 22, 2022 6:43 am

G'day guys, new to prospecting and to the forum. I'm up in Queensland and have been reading conflicting information about the use of hand pumps (yabby pump). Are they legal in Queensland.

Cheers. Dave

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Hand pump (yabby pump)  Empty Re: Hand pump (yabby pump)

Post  Kon61gold Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:05 pm

G'day Dave, welcome to the forum.

The Mineral Resources Act of Queensland " Chapter 18 (Entitlements Under Prospecting Permit)  section  (1C) states the allowance of, "hand mining for a mineral other than coal" with a more defined explanation given on page 47 chapter 1 6B Paragraph 1&2 under (Meaning Of Prospect), but it is recommended that you check up on it yourself, by ringing the QLD Department of Resources to see if a hand held/operated yabby pump is allowed for use, regarding the extraction of such mineral/s.

Cheers Kon T25

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