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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight

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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight Empty Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight

Post  ozgold 041 Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:20 pm

Hello members.
I had Neville Perry ring me last night, and he asked me if I could tell members of Aussie gold forums to watch A Current Affair tonight.
He is hoping to get everyone’s opinions of the story tonight, he said he was told that Government Departments will be watching the reaction of the prospecting and mining industry on forums like this tomorrow etc.

Nev has been driven into the ground on this matter, he has been fighting them tooth and nail all the way, as he knows he has a fortune in gold sitting there under his own land.

Contrary to what some have stated on the forum in the past, there was no Historic or Heritage Titles over any of the divided blocks. I have proof here that shows a small study had been carried out, but nothing was ever agreed on, or followed up any further. It was left to sit, among many many other studies that were done elsewhere.
Some ambitious Shire Councillor had a sign erected on the side of the road many years ago to say it was an Historic area with no detecting allowed. Maybe the previous owner Colin Flett, was tired of trespassers jumping the fence??

But all the action started well after Nev had purchased the whole of the properties for sale, Nev and his partner Mick applied for a 5 Ha, mining claim on the North end of the property, after many hurdles and hoops and a heap of money, this was finally granted. They had all the necessary documents from each Department signed and sealed, (Including Heritage Victoria’s OK).

The boys worked their legal Mining Licence as they could, but when they pegged another large claim that’s when it all started.
This over-the-top treatment has taken a big toll on Nev and Mick, they both have Cancer problems now over the last 12 months, both are stressed out to the hilt.
We all should remember that the gold income was theirs’s and their Families livings.
Both have Children, how do you make ends meet without the gold coming in? How do you pay your bills and keep going for years?

To add insult to injury, Heritage Victoria has taken legal action against them, for carrying out the work done on their granted Mining Licence Area. How can they do that?? This stinks!!

I hope you all watch the show tonight, and comment on your thoughts about it tomorrow on the Forum.

Best Regards to all Members; ozgold 041: John C.

ozgold 041
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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight Empty Perry's plight.

Post  Reg Wilson Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:40 pm

If it was ABC it might be believable, but A Current Affair????
Reg Wilson
Reg Wilson
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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight Empty Re: Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight

Post  cabletie Sun Jun 19, 2022 7:46 pm

Well I see nothing wrong with wanting to mine your own land as long as it’s not left a mess but that’s the reason why they put a bond down but does it even matter if it’s your own property if it’s left a mess? As long as it’s not hurting anything like wildllife or water catchment. It shouldn’t matter if people driving by thinks it messy, it’s all a matter of opinion like some people like having a house with trees built up around it hanging over the roof but most people would like a good clearing around their house for fire safety.

Now this whole preserving historical value is nonsense if it’s on private land. They have millions of mine shafts around the joint on crown land that has been made historical sites. If the historical people were truly reasonable why wouldn’t they let them mine German gully and if they really want to preserve the look of the place just reclaim it and than re dig the round holes again ? Hell they make fake mine shafts at sovereign hill and most tourists coming by believe it was the real McCoy!

So my conclusion of the matter is someone in power or more than one has got their nose out of joint because someone has worked hard to get something and reaped the rewards and has decided to make life miserable for them. It could stem from jealousy or envy or even greed if there is some dodgy dealings going on like bribes from bigger mining companies who want to mine that area themselves so they bribe the government to make it impossible for the little guy. Why has it all of a sudden been made a issue when you have other guys in Vic mining similar ground like that Poseidon crew guys? Definitely smells like a rat somewhere. Iv studied human nature and behaviour and have a good understanding of the feelings of what goes on when greed, jealousy and envy is at play and sadly people who have these jobs that are in power get infected by it. Any reasonable person would see they Have done all the right things previously mining and would conclude they have proven themselves to mine more in a professional manor.
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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight Empty Re: Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight

Post  moredeep Sun Jun 19, 2022 10:09 pm

Totally agree, as I've said before these diggings are barely visible at ground/eye level.
Map the holes and restore them as near as possible to the originals afterward.
99.999% of people don't give a rats. if it was for farming he would of got a permit to flatten the area?

cheers     moredeep

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Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight Empty Re: Nev Perry's Story on "A Current Affair" tonight

Post  Cranky Emu Tue Jun 21, 2022 4:39 am

cabletie wrote:Well I see nothing wrong with wanting to mine your own land

It actually varies a bit on the use of the land. In general the landowner can dig, excavate, gouge to a depth of one metre. Anything found within that one metre layer is the property of the land owner in most cases. Any deeper and you need to go through the hassle of permits etc. Even to put a dam on your property you need permits to so - as most (if not all) dams are deeper than one metre.
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