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Frustrating Times Indeed

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Frustrating Times Indeed Empty Frustrating Times Indeed

Post  Kon61gold Sun Apr 10, 2022 9:49 pm

G'day ladies/gents

Firstly I'd like to thank all on here who go out of their way contributing to this forum in a positive manner (whether it be on members finds or  information to equipment used for the purpose of gold recovery) so that others see or learn from.  They know who they are, for they need no introduction from me.
It has also been brought to my attention by certain individuals on here & on more than one occasion, that because little is being put up on here in way of actual gold finds, or other information relative to prospecting for gold/relics or coins etc, have now found this forum to be of little value, no longer viable to their taste or satisfaction.
To these people I say, please understand the current times we are experiencing, such that of everchanging weather patterns around the globe, covid-19, current overseas war the world is now witnessing, together with high inflation & the scarcity of now gold finds, is causing great anxiety & frustration for many.
Regardless of what I stated above, I've said this before, & I'll say it again, no one on here forces anyone to join this forum, nor participate in any discussion, nor contribute to any thread for discussion. One does so at their own free will, in their own spare time as well as come & go as they please (less preferring to be banned).
If a topic, or post write up, (for whatever reason) does not suit an individuals liking, no point in contributing any further discussion to it or on it, nor get upset with admin or management on how this forum is being run, should be run, or how its now slowed down to a crawl.
If its not ones cup of tea, then leave it at that, instead of taking out ones personal frustration's on it, degrading oneself to an even lower state of mind & all for what, for the sake of more frustration/stress? Better to proceed to finding something more satisfying to read up on.
If I could find gold on every occasion whilst out detecting, I'd be the first putting it up on here, backing it with a story, for all or any to read & see. Unfortunately it is not always the case.

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