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Getting the most out of your 6000

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Getting the most out of your 6000 Empty Getting the most out of your 6000

Post  deutran Mon Sep 27, 2021 8:29 am

After using the 6's for a few months now I'm beginning to get a feel for this machine.One thing I can definitely say is that not everybody will get results depending on where you live and places you choose to detect.Its not about using the machine as Minelab have made a very user friendly detector here and if you go low and slow over gold its unlikely you will miss it which ever settings you wish to use.This detector is very much like an SDC with an 11" coil that works and corresponding depth to match an 11" coil.
Using the sensitivity adjustment is very linear and it should always be used for the conditions and purpose.In flat areas of uniform ground what ever the ground type if re-working old patches and conditions are good(Little cloud or wind etc ) there is no reason why 9-10 can't be used .If doing open ground and patch hunting and conditions are good a setting of 6-7 may be ok.I like manual mode mainly as its sharp and unmodified so there's no guessing with the response.
I find Auto+ good for working slowly around mullocks etc as its high gain with smoothing and good in variable ground.If working on an angle such as the sides of mullocks or hillsides there are 2 options here,keep the coil horizontal(My preferred option as there's plenty of sensitivity still) or use low setting such as 5-6.I've had a fair bit of success on mullocks using the edge of the coil whilst horizontal.
Approach previously detected locations as new ground and check everywhere even where you didn't find gold.This detector is significantly better on small gold of any type at depth but you need to find its location usually small patches in random locations and always check over rocks,boulders and sticks for missed nuggets sitting underneath.The coil has excellent side sensitivity so always check around objects.
So far I haven't found any missed grammers with the detector working old patches so its probably on par with earlier GPX with 11" mono's.
One thing for sure is that gold is still elusive and its where you find it.Its still quite possible to walk around for days and maybe only get a small piece each day or dig plenty of shot in some areas so a lot of searching is still required.The good thing though is that patches are now usually 3+ nuggets since i've had it no more 1 nugget patches Very Happy
One thing that I should mention though is that gold weight is on par with the 5000 due to the availability of larger coils enabling deeper searching with the 5000 for the odd grammers and I'm alraedy looking forward to a larger coil release when it happens.
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Getting the most out of your 6000 Empty Re: Getting the most out of your 6000

Post  adrian ss Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:55 am

Good report mate handy information.
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Getting the most out of your 6000 Empty good read

Post  Nobex Mon Aug 08, 2022 4:53 pm

Good information,

NF coils will be killer on this machine, especially the smaller elipticals in the already flogged creek beds.

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