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Draught Skirts for Caravan, Motorhome etc

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Draught Skirts for Caravan, Motorhome etc Empty Draught Skirts for Caravan, Motorhome etc

Post  PeterInSa Sun Dec 13, 2020 4:30 pm

Have Camped in the bush many times over the years in our Caravan and some in our Long Wheel Base Sprinter Campervan.

In years gone by while stopped for a cuppa have seen snakes crawl out from under our caravan and go on their merry way, once right under the caravan step. With past caravans had an annex and a caravan skirt, current 21'6" van no annex and no skirt. I am "gunna" get a skirt for the van and the Sprinter, until then I like placing our chairs a little our from our RV's. Ditto when having lunch when out detecting with the Cruiser or warily sitting in the shade of mates Patrol. Maybe my snake encounters in then past have made me wary.

If camped for a few days I raise the mat/ground cover up say 6" to provide some protection.

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