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X-Coils 10 inch round DD performance

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X-Coils 10 inch round DD performance Empty X-Coils 10 inch round DD performance

Post  Kon61gold on Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:58 pm

G'day fellow prospectors

Finally got a chance to put the newly acquired 10 inch round DD X-Coil to the test, up against the Minelab standard 14X13 & have come to the conclusion, that this little DD wound coil, not only surpasses that of the 14X13 Minelab on/over the gram to sub gram gold, in or over ground above average to high in  mineralized soil conditions, but is also closely chasing the 14X13 inch, on or over the larger multi-gram targets at depth. Shocked  
Firstly, It is clearly evident, that the manufacturer of the X-Coil range, has taken it one step further, towards improving/refining the working characteristics of these later made coils, bringing forth, better, smoother ground handling characteristics, as well as ground balancing over the ferite to perfection (less any noise upon the touching of the ferite only, during the ground balancing procedure).
Like its 10X9 sibling brother before it, there are no touch, nor bump sensitivity issues with it. It ground balances beautifully & runs smooth when in manual ground balance, even smoother when the operator prefers to have it running in semi-auto. It can also run very close to power lines, with little EMI effects.
One things for certain & I can say with confidence, that no matter what/which flogged to death type ground one goes over, will come up with more target finds, using this later made 10 inch round DD coil by X-Coils. It finds bunny load shot gun pellets, where other coils struggle to & goes even deeper on in- ground gold targets, similar in size to that of the lead shot.
On another note, I have heard/read that other user operators of this little 10 inch round X-coil are finding this little coil noisy? All I have to say to this (less the coil being faulty from the start), please allow the ground to dictate your detector coil settings to suit & not the other way round. Lucky are those of which the ground they detect over, allows them to comfortably use the General/Normal setting on their GPZ 7000, or run a gain of 20 max. I have never had the privileged/honour to run any coil on the GPZ at a maximum gain of 20 (even when in High Yield/Difficult mode) nor have I ever run comfortably (without any form of ground noise) in General/Normal. The type of ground I find gold in, consists mostly of high mineralization, preventing the use of any gain past 12, without the coil producing the odd false signal here & there, neither have I had the privilege of not being in difficult ground mode all the time, without the coil screaming like a banshee.
Keep in mind, it is towards a comfortable/workable/tolerable on/in ground noise level, that one seeks to achieve with a coil over any type ground, that brings in better results towards target response, than one who thinks its worth putting up with all that extra ground noise & false signals, believing there going deeper than every one else.
ps. A few more hrs testing the new 15X10 inch spiral wound X-Coil & I'll have a full report on that coil too, with a few pictures of both coils finds to boot.

Cheers Kon. T25

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X-Coils 10 inch round DD performance Empty Re: X-Coils 10 inch round DD performance

Post  davsgold on Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:53 am

Thanks Kon for your report on the 10" round X-Coil, (standard wound similar to a SuperD type winding) the 10" coil is the only size that has not been produced in the "Spiral" type winding, as all the other sizes can be produced in either "Spiral" or "Standard" type.

I am looking forward to reading your report on the 15x10 spiral X-Coil

cheers dave
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