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NOT All "BLUEBOWLS" are KEENE Blue Bowls

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NOT All "BLUEBOWLS" are KEENE Blue Bowls Empty NOT All "BLUEBOWLS" are KEENE Blue Bowls

Post  jamessmith2 on Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:51 am

Hi to All,
Just a quick comment re Consumer Awareness when buying a Blue Bowl
A recent purchase over the net has made me aware that a QLD Distributor is selling "Blue  Bowls" to various detector shops for resale.
After I got one I realised it was NOT the same as the KEENE ENGINEERING Blue Bowl I had used in California.
Research and some Emails to the mate whos' Keene I used caused me to discover that "BLUE BOWL" over there is generic , and the Sullivan and Willis is in fact legally also called a  Blue Bowl  but different in design to the actual "Keene Blue Bowl"
There is a obvious simpler design to the centre cone of the S&W when comparing the S&W I have in hand, and the pictures of the Keene I used in the USA.
The Warning is when buying make sure every "word" of the description matches the expectation.
At this stage I cant make any comment regards how much better one is than the other as I dont have both in hand to test in equal conditions,
The S&W has a easier to make "top contour"  of the cone rather than a "reverse funnel" as the top step.
This post is more to warn of a possible Confusion Point for other buyers.
I am not implying anyone is doing anything that is in anyway shonky, and mention in this case the actual design means the S&W was able to be cheaper because of easier production.
I might have shot myself in the foot buying on price, and not getting all the details exactly correct- A little too much "She'll be right"

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