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Wheel Lug nuts PX Ford Ranger

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Wheel Lug nuts PX Ford Ranger Empty Wheel Lug nuts PX Ford Ranger

Post  Guest Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi Team,
Have a Ford PX Ranger, went to change a flat tyre out in the bush only to find the supplied equipment (and my backup [commercial] metric deep sockets) no longer fitted the tyre lug nuts. I ended up using an axillary heavy duty air compressor to keep pumping up the tyre until I arrived back at the nearest town (P.S. I could not find where the puncture was else I would have used a tyre plug!). Eventually, the tyre was changed at the nearest town – they had to belt the socket on each tyre lug using a large heavy gauge club hammer.
Apparently it can be a problem (often poorly reported) – the capping on the tyre lug nuts may delaminate from the base and expand/dent/round even after a few tyre changes/over time. I have since changed mine to (non-Ford) solid lug nuts for a one off total of $65 (the equivalent Ford price $576 + the potential for ongoing replacements). If you are travelling in remote areas – solid tyre lug nuts could be one of your off-road considerations.
Cheers De


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Wheel Lug nuts PX Ford Ranger Empty Re: Wheel Lug nuts PX Ford Ranger

Post  Guest Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:49 am

And slightly related ; well, in the same area, anyway ; in W.A. this year I staked a tyre on the 200 Cruiser, loosened the wheel nuts, jacked up the car, and the wheel wouldn't budge no matter how hard I belted the flat tyre with a 4-pound hammer. Put the wheel nuts back on loosely, lowered the vehicle and tried to loosen the wheel by turning the steering to no avail. Sprayed WD40/CRC/RP7 over the hub/wheel studs, jacked car up again, and after a LOT of effort was able to break the seal between the wheel and hub by using an hydraulic jack horizontally between the chassis rail and a jacking plate held vertically against the inside of the flat tyre, whist belting the tyre every which way with the 4-pounder.

This necessitated cold refreshments.  Q11

On having the vehicle serviced at Newman Toyota soon after, they reckoned it's a fairly common problem on 79 series Cruisers, less so on the 200s, and is caused by the good old W.A. dust getting between wheel bore and hub spigot. Moral - take a second jack. It was HARD work, took over an hour with one worker and two "foremen".


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