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Another week some more pieces.

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Another week some more pieces. Empty Another week some more pieces.

Post  Axtyr on Sun 16 Jul - 9:53

G’day everyone.

I finally got another photo sharing site so I can put the photos on the forum.

2 trips this week and Tuesday was a bit cool but much warmer than Thursday. Both days were spent at Talbot and on Tuesday I went searching for an area I had found that was very noisy. I wanted to detect the area for a while then do the update and see what difference there would be. It took much longer than I anticipated to find the area and after a successful update I returned and it was a little quieter. I found nothing in that area and for the day I managed to find 2 tiny pieces along the edges of the creek.

Both pieces were about the same weight, the first 0.06 gram and the second one 0.05 gram.
Another week some more pieces. Pd0Fdpw

On Thursday I returned to the same area and spent about another couple of hours here for just one small piece. I then moved to another area where I had found a reasonable piece last year and there was already another car there and another one turned up a little later. I parked as far away as I could and started searching the edges of the nearby mullock heaps and managed to pick up a nice piece which is the second largest so far this year. I then finally moved to another area I hadn’t been to for a while and picked up another small piece there before the rain set in and I had to leave.

The 3 pieces weighed in at 0.06 gram, 0.42 gram and 0.17 gram.
Another week some more pieces. Vat2rjk

A better day out than I have had for a while and hopefully more to come. I don’t think the update made any difference to whether I would have found these pieces or not.

Regards Axtyr.

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Another week some more pieces. Empty -another-week-some-more-pieces

Post  bloodgold2 on Mon 17 Jul - 18:55

Hi Axtyr, good to see you still pulling gold mate Very Happy Will be our boys first run with the update on the 7k, so will be interesting to see how they go targeting a specific area they have done before with the 7. Cheers Dave.
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