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I Think I'm Starting To Loose My Mind

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 I Think I'm Starting To Loose My Mind  Empty I Think I'm Starting To Loose My Mind

Post  hugh62 on Mon 8 Feb - 15:44

Well I don't think i'm having a mid life crisis ,rather I think i'm starting to loose my mind ,
for its like when I put things down i'm buggered if I ever seem to find ,
and peoples names I forget ,and to make it easy ,I just call every one mate ,
and it frightens the hell outa me ,cause I can see myself in a mental institution at this rate ,
so I saw this specialist ,i'm glad you've come and seen me ,especially the state your mind is in ,
your probably rather mad and neurotic ,so your exactly what I specialize in ,
thou it'll take hourly visits ,once a week for several months ,ohh and its a $150 a session ,
thou I see your rather shocked ,there's not much point in both of us sharing this financial recession ,
and my girlfriend rang to see why I hadn't picked her up for our date ,
eerrr yeah I'm running a bit late ,errr mate ,
thou ive come to realize ,that I can go out and get drunk, and play merry hell ,
and when reminded of what I did the night before ,I say I cant remember ,see me minds not that well ,
so finally the doctors have prescribed me some medication ,and now I'm slightly under sedation ,
but I don't worry about it any more, cause the doctors have confirmed it, in a letter of conformation .
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 I Think I'm Starting To Loose My Mind  Empty Re: I Think I'm Starting To Loose My Mind

Post  Schist Lips on Mon 8 Feb - 19:38

Haha, good one hugh. I was listening to the radio the other day and this woman come on that had just completed a long running study on the human brain and ageing. She believes the reason we put things down and forget where is because the brain is trying to tell us that we need to get more excersise. It deliberately forgets so we can spend hours woundering around the home trying to find it and in the process get some excersise.  

And the other one is that older people tend to take longer to think about something and respond, which as she explaines, the reason is that the brain stores more and more information as we get older and it takes longer for it to access and sort thru all the bits and pieces of information. Very much like a computer hdd when it is full.
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