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v3i and Gold Jewellery Recovery.

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v3i and Gold Jewellery Recovery. Empty v3i and Gold Jewellery Recovery.

Post  pinpointa Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:38 pm

Well if we are searching for gold jewellery we have to face up to trash items. Aluminium pulltabs and foil in the lower range of vdi,s.
So by using mixed mode stereo on the Whites V3i you have a step ahead of other brands of detectors as this feature only applies to the v3i. which you
get great results from.

Gold in gold jewellery is not the same pureness as it is in the ground,

Gold been soft  so it has to be added  to with other metals to make it sturdy and user friendly. This is where gold comes in so many varibales of ratings, the lower the number less gold and more alloy and with so many shapes and sizes of jewellery that makes it hard to seperate it from the aluminium pieces.

But with mixed mode stereo you can check the one side sounds in the headphones better. They tell you their is something their that is to deep or to small to the id channel respond.

The sat speed is very important to keep fast but not to fast and the sensitivity has to be low. Modulation needs to be between 1-3 you dont want to get distracted by deep trash and dont want shallow iron to look big for the detector.

The most valuable rings often have very very low gold content to top the problem the bonding materials in white gold seem to drop it lower than foil 18 Kt. gold has 75% by weight in it since the weight of gold is 3 times heaver than most other materials the amount of gold by volume is lower than 50%.

Now think of a 14 kt. diamond ring not much gold. The bonding drops the id down and the ring is not closed.

By using mixed mode stereo open disc, -40 and  set a distinct hightone for the range -3= +15. A very high silvertone keep the other ids on a much lower tone.

This is the area where you are most lkely to find the most valauble rings hit at first pass and its out of the pulltab range apart from small broken off pieces. This is the area almost all detectorists miss.

Recovery speed is very important i run mine at 40-45 and another thing is to have the correct sat speed in all metal.

To fast a  recovery speed on the v3i and you will loose depth. But thats not all that important either The small jewellery is hidden among bigger items that respond better to high sensitivity anyway. SO KEEP THE SENSITIVITY VERY LOW..

One other thing that helps in seperation is using the 6x4 shooter coil it is deadly on working through trash and has good depth.

Hope this is a help to v3i users.

Regards Pinpointa. affraid Rolling Eyes

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