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GPX 5000 or SDC 2300 Pro's And Con's

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GPX 5000 or SDC 2300 Pro's And Con's Empty GPX 5000 or SDC 2300 Pro's And Con's

Post  GoldenJeff Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:24 am

Ok, I have been reading a lot, and it seams that the GPX 5000 is about the best around.. when looking for gold, but you can't take it into the water... and it dose not seam to be the one for walking beaches with, to find that lost ring or lose coins...
But the SDC 2300 can handle the water and seams better at walking the beach, but may not be as good as the GPX 5000 in finding gold...

I'd like to hear from people that have or are using these two Detectors... There thoughs on the ups and downs on each of them....
I plan to find gold but may only find a few cents walking the beachs so would like a machine that covers both and can handle the water, after all gold has been found in rivers (water)...
Unless someone can point me to a better machine to cover both jobs...

Thanks for your help..

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GPX 5000 or SDC 2300 Pro's And Con's Empty Re: GPX 5000 or SDC 2300 Pro's And Con's

Post  deutran Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:38 pm

Hi Goldenjeff
The PI's are fine on the beaches,I have used the 2100,3000,4500 and 5000.If you need to go below water level a platypus DD coil is fine,I always used the standard 11"DD and never had any issues with any water getting in.The 14" round DD's are very good for the beach.
At least you can get great depths on the beach and off course they are excellent in the goldfields.The rings in my avatar are some of the gold finds from the beaches.
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