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Minelab Eureka Gold Views

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Minelab Eureka Gold Views Empty Minelab Eureka Gold Views

Post  GoldenJeff Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:41 am

Ok I have been reading a lot.... and still understand nothing Wink
It seams that the GPX 5000 or the SDC 2300 seam to be the Metal Detectors most used or talked about....

but what about the Minelab Eureka Gold???

yes a big drop in price, but what else is lost, some honest views on if it is worth getting, and what it can't find over the other higher priced ones..

Trying to work out if I should start with the cheaper ones and work my way up or jump right in at the deep end....
But at what cost in missed gold??

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Minelab Eureka Gold Views Empty Eureka vlf gold detector

Post  bobiaus Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:56 pm

Hi GoldenJeff

From what I have researched about the minelab eureka gold vlf detector is that it's the best non pulse induction dedicated gold detector on the market due to it's frequency range, I think x3 .The 60khz HF setting is for very fine/small gold.I think it's a very good metal detector in non mineralised soil.The only problem is ,most of the gold in Australia is found in highly mineralised soil, ie high iron content.Next time your in a known gold bearing area go over the surface of the ground with a magnet and see how many small particles of iron stick to your magnet! These iron particles will give you false signals with a vlf detector, a pulse induction detector will filter out these signals.

If you really want to get serious about finding gold ,if you can afford one ,buy a pulse induction minelab GPX 5000 or get a second hand one eg minelab GPX 4500 ,GPX extreme or GPX 3500 as a minimum. The new minelab 2300 pulse induction detector is reported to be very good on small gold also @ $3999 though!


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