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Garrett AT GOLD in hot rock 2014!

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Garrett AT GOLD in hot rock 2014! Empty Garrett AT GOLD in hot rock 2014!

Post  otwayninja Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:13 pm

Hi all,
as the AT gold threads other than "what do i buy?" are all fairly old, i think its high time another discussion was started regarding the use of this machine is Aus.
I bought my AT GOLD in Winter from a dealer in Adelaide.
He assured me it had been tested and retested to get it to be good on hot rock here.
My field tests suggest far from it.
I have had a Minelab 3000 (poor w hot rocks) and 4500 (which handled the hot rock well) but due to financial circumstances and time available i had to downgrade.
I am finding the AT GOLD does not perform that well with hot rock and getting signals filtered out is tricky.
The 2nd mode is ok for hot rock but it reduces the depth of the detecting to barely a few centimetres with the 5x8 DD which came with it.
I detect in Victoria so the region is very diverse but there is iron ore everywhere!
Has anyone had success tuning their AT GOLD properly and if so can you help me get mine to stop chattering like a monkey?
Reducing the sensitivity / adjusting the threshold has the same dramatic effect on the depth.


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Garrett AT GOLD in hot rock 2014! Empty Re: Garrett AT GOLD in hot rock 2014!

Post  kon61 Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:32 pm

G'day Otway ninja.Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately there's not much more you can do,that you haven't already tried.All VLFs suffer from ground noise to some extent or another when dealing with mineralization and the higher the mineralization the more they'll moan,groan and chatter.The lower the (KHz) frequency on a VLF Detector,the better it will handle mineralization,but at the cost of sensitivity to the smaller positive targets.The standard DD 5x8 coil it comes with,is designed to be highly sensitive to the smallest of positive targets.Either keep the coil a little elevated off the ground whilst swinging from left to right or use a bigger DD coil like the 8.5x12 DD Proformance coil which should handle the mineralized ground allot better than the 8x5 does,but still being a VLF,nothing will stop it falsing or going off over the hottest of hot rocks.Even pulse struggles with that.

      Cheers Kon.

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