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perth new member addicted to gold Empty perth new member addicted to gold

Post  fisho/anthony on Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:10 pm

great site lots of info but so many different ideas to think about but thats detecting all have what works for them..i started in 98 with a new 2100 and 4yrs ago updated to a 4500 love the 14 round coiltek a winner for most areas in goldfeilds ,havnt had much luck with 11dd supplied ,i rarley use the 8 mono as the 14 no worries on .5 grammers. i do trips to goldfeilds every winter for a few weeks ,i find the areas i work in hot weather are unworkable unless at night on moon but that has it dangers,from past trips if you find ,have to go back no matter what temp ,found this out hard way left a small patch laverton way went back in cooler months and been done over i still found a few pieces ,with my new job time not a factor as before so if i find ,on it till esky empty....would be good to hook up with another for odd trip as i mostly go alone as mates have work .now what is my next coil 22 coiltek mono or a 18dd minelab all my coils are round suggestions be great...thanks great site


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perth new member addicted to gold Empty Re: perth new member addicted to gold

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:28 pm

Hi Fisho/antony and welcome to the forum.

I use 14 inch mono and i think that is very good coil.
I dont think lot of members use 11dd as on most new detectors mono are the coil of choice.
Well they have their place if you want to use them in trash area so you an discriminate.

Good luck.



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perth new member addicted to gold Empty Re: perth new member addicted to gold

Post  JBACKS3 on Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:07 pm

HI--- I'm Jack and new here--- I retired from the US Government and moved to Thailand in July. I've been planning a prospecting trip to WA for 5 years and will be hitting Perth April 15th (hopefully scoring a 90-day visa extension). I'm looking for a prospecting partner in WA. I've got a GPX5000 and plan on buying a Toyota Landcruiser camper (after figuring out what you folks call rego laws) and have a few areas in mind: Pilbarra and the salt lakes. I want to take a Udo & Bill field seminar to acclimate myself to the endemic iron issues and then hit the fields hard.
I'm looking for someone to hook up with on these trips--- I retired fairly early (56) and don't have or want another job except digging holes in Australia. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of hooking up in Perth around May 1st next year just let me know--- I have plenty of questions about WA... many of them will appear stupid!

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