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Tengraph GPS Good Prospecting Tool

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Tengraph GPS Good Prospecting Tool Empty Tengraph GPS Good Prospecting Tool

Post  KALG on Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:04 pm

Hi all, me first post for a very long time.A few years ago seen a prospector out bush, he had a small GPS screen with ozi-explorer and Tengraph overlayed on screen. What a Fantastic tool for prospectors ! Only problem is i like most other prospectors get a bit lost when trying to do things
like this.I have read related topics here, and see that there are a few of you using this great setup out bush. Please can i get someone to answer
some of my questions.
1) can you put Tengraph on Rino 650 ?
2) can you put Tengraph on Toyota Landcruiser 200 Sat Nav screen ?
3) Should i get a small GPS screen or laptop for set up ?
4) I note that there is many ways to set this up. But what is the simplest way to get a moving GPS arrow on a Tengraph map ?
4) Is there anyone In Kalgoorlie that i could pay to help me set this up for the first time, i should be OK from then on. Question

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