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Coil Overcurrent on a 15 x 12 Commander mono.

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Coil Overcurrent on a 15 x 12 Commander mono. Empty Coil Overcurrent on a 15 x 12 Commander mono.

Post  GONDWANAMAN on Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:38 pm

Howdy All,

Up until recently I have been using a 15x12 commander mono coil which i purchased 2nd hand off Ebay Rolling Eyes
It was working well for a few months with no problems, but i think the cable from the coil got snagged once too many times and at first i got a coil overcurrent warning on my Gpx5000 and it stopped working.
I switched it back on after a few minutes & it did not fire up (no sound). I switched over to the 11" mono & the detector works fine.
I have re tried th 15x12 a few times since it became faulty and it will fire up ok and stay working until i grab the lead where it is attached to the coil and can feed it into the coil slightly where then it will cease to work....complete silence.
My diagnosis is that there is movement of the lead, maybe a break in tne of the wires just inside the coil.
I presume that the lead should not be moving in & out of the coil.
I called minelab & after explaining to the service dept, they suggested i dont worry with it & get a new coil. Saying that it will cost me $70 just for postage & it probably wont be fixable.
I dont just want to throw it away. I would like to try & repair it myself, I have a basic knowledge on electronics & can use a soldering iron....but i do lack the knowledge & confidence to be able to do this myself.
I was wondering if this has happened to anyone before & has anyone cut open a minelab coil & fixed it themselves & if anyone can shed some light on the situation, any advice, tips & or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers. Smile
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Coil Overcurrent on a 15 x 12 Commander mono. Empty Re: Coil Overcurrent on a 15 x 12 Commander mono.

Post  llanbric on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:21 pm

A topic, I think early 2012 on this forum, had a link to youtube showing a coil being disassembled, try "search"

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