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New member's first strike!! Empty New member's first strike!!

Post  MRodgers on Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:09 pm

Hi all,
I just joined the forum a couple of days ago after watching it for a couple of months.
Firstly thanks for all the valuable info, stories and inspiration.
I'v only been into prospecting for a couple of months but have an interesting story to share and hopefully get some people's thoughts on.
I live and work right next to an old gold field in central vic.
Lots of gold was taken out of here from both alluvial workings and reef mining but the field is rarely frequented by prospectors these days.
I started out with a gold pan. Just sampling the nearest creek which is downstream from reef mining and an old quartz crusher battery.
I found very small specs occasionally. Enough to keep me interested.
After happening on this forum i followed links to the geovic website and checked out maps of historical mines, leads etc...
I also have extensive knowlege of the local mining history as i do tours as part of my job.
Last Xmas eve i set out to have a look at the local geology and without any equiptment (no detector, no digging tools, just a pan...) i followed the contours of the hillside above the creek at about the elevation that the maps showed a deep lead, but to my knowlege had had no serious mining as there were richer leeds close by. I located reefs of rock crossing the lead and a large fallen tree just below the rock formation.
I stopped and broke off some material from the tree roots to take to the creek and pan.
I also picked up a couple of largeish rocks (about fist sized)
I turned one over and the whole underside was covered with gold!!
The rock was mostly sandstone on one side, but ironstone on the other (with a thin gold covering).
Since then i have been back with shovel and dug holes there, checked (visually) as many rocks in the tree roots and the hole as i could and panned quite a bit of the soil from the hole.... but no further joy.
I have done extensive research on the strike site and the historical records are full of rumours about a rich reef there which was never properly worked.
As yet i do not have a detector but as you can understand i think i will have to buy one.
I do not have $5000 to spend and my budget is about $1000 max. at this point.
After researching detectors as best i can without trying one i am leaning towards a whites GMT in this price range.
Although other options are a fisher GB2, a Minelab Eureaka or a Minelab X-tera 705.
Any thoughts on what approach i should take re this site? or on how best i should choose a detector?

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New member's first strike!! Empty New member's first strike!!

Post  LONE WOLF XLIX on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:06 pm

My thoughts on the matter would be Hire a 5000 for the weekend , if you find any traces or indications of worth.then think about develping the site by buying your own ,or hire for a longer period,or see if you can form a partnership with a trustworthy friend who has the $$$ or a detector.Hope this gives you some ideas. I am sure there are more knowlagable people than me out there that will put forward their ideas. But i wish you every success and good luck in your venture.

yours wolfy.
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New member's first strike!! Empty Re: New member's first strike!!

Post  Gold Miner on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:21 pm

Yup, Lone Wolf is right.
dont go hammer and tongs right off the bat, but hire/borrow a detector and take a closer look yourself.
Good luck!!!
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New member's first strike!! Empty Re: New member's first strike!!

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:13 am

G'day Matty and welcome to the forum Very Happy I have to agree with LW & GM hire a detector and see how you go from there... You could strike the mother load and buy the best and latest...


Mike. cheers


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