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Post  Gypsy on Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:13 pm

Links to info on gold

thanks to e-goldprospecting

Gold Mining & Gold Prospecting


Technology of Recuperation Gold Fines & Ultrafines

Mineral Flotation of Auriferous Veins

Processing & Extraction of Gold & Silver from Sulphured Minerals

The Toasting of Auriferous Arsenopyrrites in the Recuperation of Gold

Recuperation of Gold & Silver of Old Second Washing of Metals of Amalgamation

The Spiral Concentrator Lg7, A New Concept For The Recuperation of Fine Gold

Biooxidation of Minerals & Refractory Concentrates of Gold & Silver

Production & Industrialization of Gold

Precious Metals

Kit for Prospecting

Prospector Equipment & Tools

Kinds of Mining Claims

Mining Gold Corporation

Where can Prospecting be Done?

Mineral Deposits & Market Values

Dredging Projects Done on a Large Scale Basis

Looking for Gold Information for Modern Prospectors

Panning for Gold

Gold Units

Technical-Economical Formulation and Evaluation of Mining Deposits

Objective of a Mining Feasibility Study

he Price of Gold

Mineralization Associated to Gold

Lode and Placer Gold

Process of Mining Operations Gold Mining

Technologies in Alluvial Auriferous Mining

Exploitation in Alluvial Deposits

Open Cut Exploitation of Alluvial Gold

Basic Geology

Processes and Mining Methods

Mining Fundamentals

Gold Minerals Treatments

Recent Advances in Gold & Silver Extractive Metallurgy

Cyanidation in Heap Leaching of Gold & Silver

Lixiviation in Auriferous Minerals Heap Leaching

Semiportable Plant of Gold Cyanidation

Gold Prospecting and Mineral Deposit Exploration

History of Gold

Gold Minerals

Classifications of gold -bearing materials

Special Gold Deposits

Exploration Methods Prospecting Gold

How to Find Gold

Finding Gold

Gold Panning

Gold Mining Equipment

Gold Extraction Methods - Metallurgy

Gold Smelting & Refining - Metallurgy

Mine-Prospecting Dictionary

Process Flowsheets

Investing in Gold

Gold Mining Exploration

Gold Prospecting and Mineral Deposit Exploration

How to Find Gold Nuggets

Hot Rocks & the Problems They Cause

Where to Find Gold

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Post  Guest on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:00 am

a couple of months worth of good reading....tah Gypsy!


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gold info links Empty Re: gold info links

Post  Kon61gold on Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:36 pm

Thanks Gypsy, You tend to forget from time to time how informative other sites can be particularly in research areas and gaining knowledge


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