Best deal on a 7000

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Best deal on a 7000 Empty Best deal on a 7000

Post  pilbara snapper on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:06 am

Just wondering how flexible the dealers are with the 7000, we don't have price fixing in Australia cause that's unlawful but the price seems to be $10,700.
Anyone got a better price or some fruit to sweeten the deal ?
PM me if you prefer

Regards Snapper

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Best deal on a 7000 Empty Re: Best deal on a 7000

Post  Guest on Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:45 am

From what I've heard dealers are selling them on consignment for Minelab - no price deals/reductions? Maybe a dealer can confirm or deny?
There are some sweeteners around though like this:
NAPFA wrote:Central West Prospecting Supplies is keen to support NAPFA as well as other clubs and associations, in recognition of the effort such groups put into the industry.

Andrew Grech the owner of the shop is also a proud supporter and member of NAPFA.

This is the deal:

If you Purchase a MINELAB GPZ7000 from Central West Prospecting Supplies (CWPS) at any time until the 31-12-2015 then the purchase can help NAPFA.

If 10 NAPFA members purchase GPZ7000s…CWPS will donate a MINELAB SDC2300 valued at $3950 to NAPFA to be used as we wish.

If 20 GPZ7000s are purchased NAPFA will receive a New Minelab GPX5000 Pro Pack Valued at over $6500 to NAPFA.

If 30 GPZ7000s are purchased NAPFA will receive a Minelab GPZ7000 valued at over $10,500.

You will also receive a $200 in store credit voucher to purchase any item in Stock. ( Voucher can not be used to discount the RRP of the GPZ Unit). You will also get free postage.

CWPS are also making this available to other associations and clubs (such as PMAV, APLA), but the purchase can only be credited to one place, which we hope will be NAPFA.

Obviously NAPFA would appreciate you getting behind this one because it is win-win all around! NAPFA would look to use the donated machine in the benefit of our cause.

NAPFA thanks CWPS for this innovative approach!

Contact Lucinda HOOK...Manageress of Central West Prospecting Supplies Mudgee on 02 63 720082 to discuss this one and to order your GPZ7000.


Stephen Dangaard

Basically you get the GPZ, $200 worth of goodies/in store credit & free postage plus a chance to help out your state association if in one.


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Best deal on a 7000 Empty Re: Best deal on a 7000

Post  Narrawa on Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:02 pm

There is still a few GPZ 7000s awaiting new homes, so if your on a waiting in or give the shop a ring on the above number.

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Best deal on a 7000 Empty Re: Best deal on a 7000

Post  davsgold on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:41 pm

This sounds like a discount to me, if one dealer can do it then the other dealers should be able to as well.  Or is this just pie in the sky stuff.

This is a $1605 discount.

wilunakid wrote:Today i have had confirmation from Peter at Detector Den in Canberra that they and they alone will be supporting the Veteran cocommunity and will be giving elegible veterans a 15% discount on the new GPZ 7000. So this will bring the cost down to $9095.00. As a veteran myself i would sincerely like to thank Peter and Minelab for supporting the veteran community. Thankyou also for offering Free Postage to Perth.Regards Wilunakid.
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