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Veiwing maps and Google Earth

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Veiwing maps and Google Earth Empty Veiwing maps and Google Earth

Post  G.B. Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:39 pm

Hi All,

When viewing maps and Google Earth I have connected the laptop to my large screen tv and it's amazing how much extra detail you can see.

I also use a wireless mouse and the on screen keyboard which lets me sit back in the favourite recliner and work from there.

Great for watching the members gold videos as well.

Great for someone eyesight problems.

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Veiwing maps and Google Earth Empty Re: Veiwing maps and Google Earth

Post  Swiss Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:39 pm

G’day all
I use Google earth pro (GE). While in the bush, not having a net connection, I still can use Google and check out exactly my location!
Before my trip, I safe the area I’m going to as a *.kmz file.
When in the area, I open that file and GE opens.
I also have a TomTom car navigator. On “Help” menu, go to “Where am I?” and the Coordination’s show up.
In GE, I insert them in “Search”, click go and there we are! Of course you can use the coordination from any GPS.
This way I can also put a mark–point on the map.

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