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finding maps on vic locations Empty finding maps on vic locations

Post  au_scraps on Fri May 13, 2011 12:48 pm

im trying to find some informative maps on the victorian high country.

i know specifically the area/district im looking for and theres no mention on the forums
of this location. i am sure people go there, maybe its kept quiet or there is nothing left.
its reasonably remote and gets very rough. there was a decent size quartz reef there
witch was the source of the gold found in the area, once the area stopped producing
everyone left. on a 'gold prospecting' tour put on by a local prospecting enthusiast i met
someone living on a claim in the general district about 15yrs ago. i was probably too young
to think of asking any questions other than things like, so there's really gold in these hills sorta thing.
so, i know for a fact there is gold. only problem is most of its fine gold, and very small nuggets.
im sure there must be some patches. anyway, as i said im not really keen on being the first
person to post about a location. maybe no one has mentioned it because there really is nothing.

anyway, i have no idea where to find what im looking for.

a few years ago on ebay (2007?), i came across a collection of maps done by a 1930's govt. land surveyer,
they were apparently his personal maps with geographical features, deposits and places of interest noted.
as the listing went, it said gold was his hobby, and his job allowed him to travel/take notes on things for his
own personal interests. im hoping they were purchased by someone who re-printed them, or re-sells them
on c.d as they went for a very good price, one would have to assume they wanted them for printing rights.

if anyone here bought them, i am very interested in 2 very small area's covered by those maps.
or something with similar detail. maps with detailed geographical info on the vic high country is what i need.

feel free to add comments or pm me if you like. cheers, au_scraps.

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finding maps on vic locations Empty Re: finding maps on vic locations

Post  Wombat on Fri May 13, 2011 2:20 pm

au_scraps there is a book out called "Victoria's Forgotten Goldfield" by R.W. Christie & G.D. Gray the last reprint was 1997 it covers most of the Dargo, Crooked River Goldfield area. I would say you could get that at the Miners Den in Melb.Also try a book " The history of Gold Discovery in Victoria" by James Flett. Also there are maps called "Rooftop's" I have 2 of them Walhalla - Woods Point Forest Activities map, includes Licola,Rawson,Erice,Thomson Dam,Aberfeldy & Thomson Rivers,Coopers Creek & Baw Baw Natioal Park. and the other map :- Jamieson - Sheepyard Flat Forest Activities Map includes Mount Skene, Jamieson Howqua and Upper Goulburn Rivers, Alpine National Parks & part of Lake Eildon. Both maps are 1:50 000. There is a whole series of map in and around that area you can get at most hiking and 4X4 drive shops and I would also say you could get most of your info from Miners Den. Also if you belong to the PMAV try and contact the North East branch ( Yackandandah) those chaps head up there sometimes, so they too may be able direct you in the right direction.
I hope this will help and good luck cheers

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finding maps on vic locations Empty Re: finding maps on vic locations

Post  Guest on Fri May 13, 2011 2:36 pm



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