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1 can of beer =1 nugget Empty 1 can of beer =1 nugget

Post  AU_Tecta on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:56 pm

Hi Prospectors,
This is a funny,but short and Very True story of how enjoying a beer can easily increase your nuggets Smile
My Father and i were out on a goldfield running our coils over some well detected areas and previous days had yielded a decent nugget count. On this particular day after many hours of sweat and frustration we decided to count our losses and head back to camp for a few beers as the sun set and get some grub going on the fire. A few beers turned into about 7-8 and the excitement of sitting around on good ground started to Take its toll on the mind bom
As the beer was replenishing our dehydrated bodies the maps came out and the discussions about where ,when and how many Oz's started to flow. Further research showed that a short walk would put us right on a gully with some good shallow diggings.
Within a flash the gear was rigged up and the last slurp out of the can was consumed!....but...of course you have to take one with ya cheers
Getting to the spot after a fair few stops to look at the ground (we all love to pick up rocks and admire the mineralisation!) found us right in the middle of the diggings.
Ok, separate far enough to not pick each other up on the detectors and we are away.We quite often carry a walkie talkie each to inform each other on finds and for safety reasons but before i had even had a chance to switch my detector on and ground balance.....through the walkie talkie came a long streak of laughter and in between it all was "come over here mate ..ya not gonna ##!$*% believe this!"
Those are the words you love to hear from anybody when your on the goldfield bounce
When i got there i came accross a beer can imprint in the red dirt and the look of disbelief and amazement on my Father's face. He soon tells me that he walked over to his starting point , placed the can of beer on the ground so he could balance the detector and when he picked up the beer can there was a target straight in the middle of the imprint that had been left by the beer can on the ground affraid
I think my reply was get #$%@!! or something of the sort. Thinking to myself ......if this is a nugget it has to be a one in a million chance..surely not possible.
Within a few scrapes in the gravel wash a nugget appeared and left us laughing beyond belief at the odds of that happening. Nothing to make the scales climb high but certainly a nugget that i think both of us will never forget and often bring up for a good chuckle out on the fields.
Cheers. Very Happy

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Post  Guest on Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:14 am


Good read,good times,good sh#t.. Very Happy Wink cheers

Pete in WA


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Post  shelby23 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:13 am

Thanks for the post it was a great story

Regards Neale

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