do I need a “licence” in all states to detect?

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do I need a “licence” in all states to detect? Empty do I need a “licence” in all states to detect?

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:14 pm

Firstly as a new member of the forum , can I say thanks to all those that offer ideas
and answers to all the varying questions. As I’m a novice, the information is great.
My question is simply, do I need a “licence” in all states to detect?
I have just used up my Queensland licence time but as we are travelling south into NSW,
then Victoria, who do I contact? I think I heard that as I am a pensioner, I do not need a
fossicking licence in NSW.
Also what’s the situation with detecting in National or State forests?




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do I need a “licence” in all states to detect? Empty Re: do I need a “licence” in all states to detect?

Post  nero_design on Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:22 pm

Hi John.

The Fossicking license was abolished in 1994(?) here in NSW.

You don't need to get one here unless you wish to Fossick in State Forests.
They have had their own system in place for the last 40 years and the fee is $11 per year.
You can contact the Department and they'll take down your particulars (including the name of the State Forest/s you wish to Fossick on) and they'll do it over the phone for you. They list the State Forests you want to access on your printed permit.
Crown Land is allowed and so is Fossicking on Private Property as long as verbal or written permission is sought. An exception to the rule is the Town of Hill End which is under a Protection Act (even though it's on Crown Land). You can't dig on the township itself but you can "go to town" anywhere outside the town limits as long as it's not on private property.

You are not permitted to Fossick in any Reserve or Nature Reserve or "Land on Lease by the Crown from any State Forest". Anyone caught entering a National Park with a detector will have it confiscated.

Western Australia requires a permit but this is granted for a Lifetime.
Note: You cannot remove or sell a meteorite from WA without a permit as they belong to the State over there.

You can obtain a Miner's Right for Victoria by visiting any Prospecting store. The Fee is for the Miner's Right in Victoria was about $28.70 and lasts 2 years. The Miner's Den in NSW sells them so I'm sure you can obtain the Victorian License in other states before you travel. Removing gold without one from Victoria is considered a serious offense. This License can be forward-dated for you in case you intend to travel there in the future but want to buy one now.

Victoria has some other rules that need to be obeyed and different rules regarding State Forests and camping and 4 Wheel Driving as well.


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do I need a “licence” in all states to detect? Empty Re: do I need a “licence” in all states to detect?

Post  echidnadigger on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:12 am

The rules in Victoria are pretty hazy.
One thing is for sure, if you have a miners right you can legally dig gold. If you don't then put it back until you do.
I have been pulled up while digging in heritage listed areas. I asked the ranger if he wanted to see my miners right and he said I don't have the right. He simply said put back any artifacts. I then said: Can I keep this musket ball? He wished me well and left. I should have put the musket ball back but hey, I didn't realise a musket ball was an artifact at that time.
Technically a miners right allows you to dig with the use of hand tools and keep any mineral you find, tax free. In the state of Victoria.

PS. If you do stumbleupon a big one and you don't have a miners right then your find becomes the property of the crown. Just ask a few road workers that got intoxicated after a find at work. LOL
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