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Vanquish 340

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Vanquish 340 Empty Vanquish 340

Post  adrian ss on Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:26 pm

Been playing with the Vanquish  340 while the 600 is away for reps.

It is a very capable detector and is pretty much turn on and go type of machine. Operates on the same principal as the EQ600 & 800.
Has a Coin Mode, Ring Mode & All Metal mode, Sensitivity adjust and Volume adjust. No pinpoint but is easy to pinpoint with anyway.
   Handles a wide range of ground iron mineral conditions and also very good over wet salt sandy beaches.
The Coin mode will not respond to small 9k gold rings and Aussie 5 cent coin, it hits on everything else quite well.
   The Ring mode locates all Aussie coins and is a good mode to hunt in if you want discrimination and to be able to find small gold rings.
The All met mode is exactly that, it will ping on everything metal.
   A very simple to use and efficient metal detector. If you cannot find anything with this detector or any of the other Vanquish machines then it is likely that metal detecting is not for you. Smile

These light weight 9k gold items detect between 4cm and 10cm in plastic bags and buried in my back yard.
Does not sound like much but is in fact better depths than what my SDC 2300 produced; It did not respond at all to 2 of these chains.
My Gold Bug DP was very much better depth on all of these items.

Vanquish 340 Rscn0221
adrian ss
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