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Moon Lighting

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Moon Lighting Empty Moon Lighting

Post  Kon61gold Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:56 pm

You know how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Well there were these two guys who checked out some private property and just happened to wander over there some nights and found they were quite successful. However after a couple of nights of the this, they found that their lead was getting a bit close to the residence so they had better do the right thing and ask permission to detect on the land.

The farmer however was wise to these two guys, for he said to them, "I have been watching you for the last few nights jumping my fence, you should have asked permission before". You should have seen the look on the guys faces - sprung!!

However he was a decent guy and said - Go on - make sure you fill in your holes.
Another farmer was asked how he dealt with moonlighters. 'Oh" he replied "a gun shot over their heads does wonders "

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Moon Lighting Empty Re: Moon Lighting

Post  mark garrett Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:00 pm

I met a bloke in 1998 he told me a story.
he was moon lighting in a real big paddock in VIC with 18 intch coil he said he started to hear a faint singnal now it was pitch black he only turned on his light when the target was in his hand.
now he slowly waved the coil over the target trying to get it louder . as he slowly walked forward it did start to hear it ring. he said to me that it must be a can on the ground to be that loud.
so he turned on his light and in front of him was a great big lump of yellow stuff massive .yes he forgot about the farmers bulldozer sitting right in the middle of the paddock he started to laught to him self .
he walked right up on the blade right colour wrong metal he said gee I laughted .
mark garrett
mark garrett
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