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New Heritage Laws for Victoria.

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Post  davsgold on Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:41 pm

This goes back to 2010

"The PMAV is currently working with Heritage Victoria to develop a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) on this very issue.

We are focusing on the goldfields so my answer relates to that area only. The MOU, when finalised, will allow prospectors to retain custodianship of anything incidentally found whilst prospecting for gold. It will not allow people to deliberately fossick for relics around heritage sites.

In return for this change of policy, Heritage Vic just want to know of any significant finds. They assure us that they don’t have room to keep anything but would like access to the relic for research purposes. They have simply run out of room! You will probably also need to advise them if the object changes ownership.

As part of this process we will be jointly developing a website where prospectors can upload photo’s of their finds, both to brag about it and to ask questions about it.

As a result of the MOU, we will officially all be part of caring for Victoria’s heritage – really it couldn’t be in safer hands!

You should note that the MOU does not apply to Aboriginal heritage items.

Thanks to Ray for posting for me, Regards

Rita Bentley PMAV President.

And then this in 2011

"Just noticed this on our HOME page

The official word from the DPI.
The following is a quote from an email I received today from the DPI in relation to the question I asked:

"You only need a Miner's Right for Minerals and Gemstones.   Relics are covered by Heritage Victoria and you should contact them."

Not as informative as I would have hoped but it does give a little food for thought.

The way the DPI see it is that I can go out and look for relics and coins as much as I want and there is no need for me to have a Miner's Right to do this, however, If I were to find a bit of gold for example, then I would not be able to rightfully own it and I would need to hand it to the state. My interpretation of this would also be that the DPI could not charge you with any offence if you did not produce a Miner's Right and you had no minerals or gemstones on your person at the time.

Now I guess the next step is to contact Heritage Victoria and seek their opinion on this matter.

Bear in mind that you just never know if or when you may come across that lovely gold nugget, and with no Miner's Right, IT'S NOT YOURS.

Posted by Uncle Buck

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New Heritage Laws for Victoria.  - Page 2 Empty Re: New Heritage Laws for Victoria.

Post  Wombat on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:55 am

Kon61gold wrote:Fellas, I stand with Bill on this one.  A measly $50 a year, for having a voice that stands up for our hobby/prospecting rights, is more than a reasonable price to pay, in order to keep whatever little prospecting grounds we have, open to detecting.  We simply cannot afford to sit back & let the few paying members stand/fight for the rights of the many, who are not payed members, but happen to receive/enjoy all the same benefits, arising from the work that the PMAV, NAPFA, or APLA do.  As for politicians making up the rules as they go, without ever experiencing what a small time prospector/miner goes through, is what they're good at. Paid time for rhetoric paperwork.  In times of great diversity, the rule of "united we stand, divided we fall" has to be understood/recognised & or, taken into consideration by all who participate, or intend to participate, in the prospecting of precious minerals/metals.

Cheers Kon. T25 ever been
 Thanks Kon  Q27

Right now for anyone that has not been a member of the PMAV can at the moment join at a half year subscription fee (this includes their immediate family) This will give you a membership till the 31st. of June, where a full membership will be required. That means for the rest of this 1/2 year you will only have to pay $15 ( Pensioner) or $25 for others. For mining Corporations it is more. There are many Miners Rights out there but the PMAV would only have about 1/4 of this as their members. When the PMAV is dealing with the Government over issues, the Government looks at this and see that we only represents one 1/4 of people that have taken out Miners Rights. This make our job harder to win your rights. This is why that everyone who has a Miners Right should belong to the PMAV. How many Miners Rights are out there???? "THOUSANDS"  
You can pint of a membership form or join on line. If you are joining for the 1st time I would suggest to print of a membership form. Please remember to tick the nearest Branch near you. For Membership forms and follow the prompts  :-

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