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Using A GoldBug 2 in Victoria

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Using A GoldBug 2 in Victoria Empty Using A GoldBug 2 in Victoria

Post  Sluicebox on Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:32 pm

Please dont laugh but has anyone used a Fisher GoldBug 2 in Victoria Goldfields??

I live in NZ and will be visiting Bendigo and Marybourgh next week for work and if I get any spare time will do some detecting with my machine.

The goldBug 2 is very sensitve and had problems using it in queensland in the very mineralised ground up there. My question is will I have the same ground balance issues in Vic?? Is the soil as highly mineralised?

Any advice would be appreciated including areas the the GB may work well. I have never been detecting in Victoria but am as gold mad as anyone and take every chance I can to detect. To date I have never found a single piece of gold detecting.

I do mainly river sluicing in NZ.



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Using A GoldBug 2 in Victoria Empty Re: Using A GoldBug 2 in Victoria

Post  kon61 on Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:05 pm

G'day Sluicebox. Welcome to the forum.

The days of averaging 3 grams of gold per day, (back in late 96) using the gold bug 2, within gold producing ground in & around the "Golden Triangle" are all but gone, but Knowing where & what type of ground to apply the GB2 on/over, will always enhance your chances of lobbing onto some form of colour.
Yes, Victorian gold producing ground to some degree or another, is mineralized, for the majority of our gold finds, are found on/in mineralized soils.
Like most VLFs, the GB2, with manual ground balance & a high frequency of 71KHz, struggles over mineralized ground, necessitating the use of regular ground balancing. Use the GB2 long enough & you'll find manual ground balancing, second nature.
That is why it is important to work shallow localities, consisting more of rocky terrain, such that of shist/slate bottoms or shallow quartz/clay beds.

Cheers Kon. Q11

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