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Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman

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Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman Empty Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman

Post  Wombat Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:48 pm

Our field trip this Sunday Nov.20th. was at Inkerman, just north of Dunolly. Only 10 very keen branch members turned up. I'm thinking this may have had something to do with the possible high temperatures that was expected later in the day. Reaching our planned spot, some of the members got suck straight into looking for the yellow stuff. But others were spending their time trying to assemble the branch's new 4 burner BBQ that was just purchased that weekend. Boy talking about watching the 3 Stooges. What a laugh. I shouldn't talk as I was one of them. (I think I was Curly ) But we did finally put it together. And it cooked great guns thanks to Bryan and Alex. After lunch most of us started to head back home as the temperature was starting to hover around the 30 +c. mark. At that stage no gold was found except the usual bird shot. The Branch also had a fantastic gift given to use today by Ken Smith. Ken donated his 6x4 covered in tradesman trailer that he no longer uses ( You can see it in the back ground in one of the photo's) All it needs is a bit of a clean up and it will look like new again. So I behalf of the Branch I would like to thank Kennath Smith for his kind and generous contribution to the Goldfield Central Branch. Now we have a place to store all our gear when we go out on field trips. "Thanks mate gracefully appreciated"
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Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman P1010828
Bryan & Alex cooking the BBQ, with Carol leaning against our new trailer supervising.

Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman P1010826
The boys gas bagging about the nuggets that got away (or something like that)

Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman P1010827
A member trying out the new 19" coil for the GPX7000.

Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman P1010824
Couple of the boys scratching around in the dirt finding bird shot with their 2300's

Central Branch Field Trip to Inkerman P1010825
The type of ground we were detecting in. On top of the hill where the cars are, there is a line of reef diggings.

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