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accurate gps location with tenement showing

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accurate gps location with tenement showing Empty accurate gps location with tenement showing

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:42 pm

We are wondering what others are using re current location showing on your gps map and also tenement mapping so you know if you are on live tenemants or not when you have no internet available?
we have gps with nat maps (hema equivalent) and also normal mapping on our gps unit but would like to be able to have something so you can overlay tenamant leases and be able to see where the boundry is so we do not cross it.
any suggestions as it takes the guess out of boundrys.
if we have to we will purchase a unit that we can use so we keep within the law.
Thanks TG


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accurate gps location with tenement showing Empty Re: accurate gps location with tenement showing

Post  Colmaca on Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:38 pm

travelergold this may help I used this way to put my E40 onto my GPS there no reason why you couldn't add the hole Exp tenement onto your GPS like this

Since I was putting my Blocks on My Gps today I made the videos for all to follow how to do it Smile
Hope this helps someone

Tools you will need .

1. Google earth Pro
•A valid email address (I used just my name not a email )
•The Earth Pro license key: GEPFREE

2. Garmin Basecamp to upload to GPS

1st here the picture I'm going to use for this demo E80/4795

httaccurate gps location with tenement showing 1465103552_capture_1

2nd you need to download the Graticular blocks for the area we will be using for this demo Halls creek see movie below .
Best to watch in full screen HD here the link to get the shape file

The 3 YouTube Videos below each step The Videos should be watched in full screen on youtube for you to see all

Next we will save your blocks in Google earth pro and save the KML file

Last we can upload with basecamp to your GPS

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