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Rutting up a prospecting buddy!!

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Rutting up a prospecting buddy!! Empty Rutting up a prospecting buddy!!

Post  Hoffs Gold Sun May 22, 2016 8:45 am

Hey guys and gals,
Just thought I'd jump on and share a rather heart racing event my prospecting mate and I had a few weeks back.
It all started when we hit a sweet patch of fines on bedrock in the Orange area of NSW.
After about 2 hours of banging and bashing our black Bunnings scoops cleaning bedrock, Josh turned to me asking what's that?
Being deaf as a door nail I replied with Huh?
At that point Josh stood up to have a look about and what he found soon had him standing very still indeed.
Hey Hoff check this out he goes. "Well I'll be f#@%$d" I said, there stood the grandest Buck I'd ever seen. Shocked
Standing 6 foot at least at the eyes and antlers longer than my arms, he didn't seem overly pleased with the rutting sounds Josh and I were making by the creek.
And he was in no hurry to move on, just standing there with a stink ass look on his face. Evil or Very Mad
After what felt like 2min he just strutted off on his merry way, thank god. Very Happy
My deer hunting days are behind me but we'll be taking a good camera out next trip that's for sure.
We see 5 or 6 deer a trip but nothing like him.
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Hoffs Gold
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