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play near tooloom

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play near tooloom  Empty play near tooloom

Post  Stealth914 Wed May 06, 2015 5:07 pm

Hey all an awesome mate has gone away for a few days & told me to take his 7000 out for a play.

I'm very new to gold detecting as I've only panned a bit before & mainly use my 705 & 3030 so this will be a first to see if I want to get into this side of detecting . I know everyone has their spots & no I don't want to find the million dollar nugget all I want is a place close to me & looks like Tooloom drake area is it as I've only got Friday to have a short play so can anyone either post here or be kind & message me a more than likely spot.

Done a bit of reading here & lots have said gates are locked etc etc so yes I have started doing a bit of research but due to short timeframe any help would be very appreciated more than you'll ever know till we meet.
I always like to pay back favours and look after confidential info so it won't be passed on to anyone and to be honest I'm thinking this 7000 will be too heavy for me so later will only purchase a 2300.

Cheers Tony.


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play near tooloom  Empty Do any good?

Post  philip.j.thompson Sat May 16, 2015 7:16 pm

Lots of fine gold was around Drake used to pan up there and had mates who dredged and made money in the seventies. Did detect silver specimins, Chinese and British coins , some up around Tuloom with a Compass machine at the time. Mount Carrington mines demolished a mountain, literally, in the 1980s as a gold mine on old ground. In the 1800s there was rich ground up there. See if you can get hold of Forgotten Country, the story of the Upper Clarence Gold Fields by Isabel Wilkinson IBSN 0 9593763 0 5 published 1980. good info about the area. Doug Stones NSW gold atlas also has some details. Unfortunately a lot of areas locked up now. Sorry I didn't see your query earlier
regards Phil

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