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is gold 417 detectable normally?

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is gold 417 detectable normally? Empty is gold 417 detectable normally?

Post  BILLY_BOIL on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:08 pm

Hi there,
Im rather baffled why my minelab detector or el cheapo pin pointer wont pick up a 417 gold necklace. There is a possibility its a knockoff, and being another cheap metal, I would of thought it would be picked up easily. Any one else had this issue, or can solve this mystery?

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is gold 417 detectable normally? Empty Re: is gold 417 detectable normally?

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:40 pm

Gold chains are not easily detected with PI  or VLF metal detectors.
If the links are small around 2 or 2.5mm.
Which detector are you using?
A high frequency metal detector (15khz to 70khz) is required in order to respond well to gold chains.
    Due to the poor eddy current conductivity between each link the detector operates as though it is detecting just one link, so it will not make much difference whether the chain is bunched up or spread out.
417 is 10K  gold so the alloy metal will also have an effect. If the links are silver or have a high copper content then the responce will be slightly better.
The Gold Bug (DigitalDisplay type) is a great little dettector for chains.

A similar thing happens when you are trying to locate a jar of buried coins for example.
The tecta responds as though it is detecting just one or two of the coins in the jar.
If the jar has a metal lid fitted then the detector will give a stronger signal off the lid than from the coins. Therefore when treasure hunting you need to dig all signals because that trash iron signal may be the lid on a jar of gold sovs. Wink

The pinpointer has the same problems with chains as does a normal tecta.


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