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detecting fun and treasures found.

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detecting fun and treasures found. Empty detecting fun and treasures found.

Post  krakenup on Fri May 09, 2014 12:06 am

Hi all went out for an afternoons practice getting ready for a trip over to Victorian goldfields. I went with a mate to the mintaro slate mines, we reckoned it would be an interesting sight to detect as my mate worked there. We arrived and took out our detectors me minelab mate tesoro bandido nice light little machine he has and finds items very well. I set of detecting around one side of the old paymasters house,and my mate went round the other side, it didant take long and we were into the finds, mate scored a couple old pennies dates 1896 1914 x so. Nice oldies interesting. I came up with a couple pennies,a silver threepence,an old thimble,and over bu the play area for the managers kids i dug a nice sounding signal it was down about 10 inches it was a lead boot of off a toy soldier it was about one inch high and half inch very detailed looked like a leather rideing boot cavalry. Now in my wallett as a lucky charm interesting find indeed. Ok on we went finding lots of targets, horse shoes, coins and a ring pewter i think. Well after a couple of hours we sat down and compared finds we both had about the same in coins all old stuff no modern. My best most interesting find was the lead soldiers boot. Mates was an old mouth organ wasabt playable but interesting.we headed of home vowing we would search some more of the old. Buildings later in another day. We got to talking about finding interesting places to detect, and interestingly we talked about the old hare courseing track at mintaro, it was held on a local farmers field, once a month on a weekend, live hares would be loosed and the greyhounds, and whippets would be set on them to chase them down, bets were laid on which hares might escape to run another day. There was usualy a table set up with a barrell of cider, and a barrell of ale an,d a table cared for by some of the locals wives, who sold different wares to eat, such as pasties, pork pies, pickled eggs, sanwiches and cakes . The track apparently was staked out in the same area every year for many years until live hare coursing was outlawed as being to cruel.there were lots of shady trees at the edges of the course and refreshment areas, a good place to detect as many a valuable and coin was dropped into the grass whilst sitting leaning against the trees.another good area would be around the betting boith, and all around the field and especially around the gates entry point. We have just about pinned the area down, and just need permission to detect the area. What a great and interesting day that will be cant wait ok that's all for now more later regards krakenup ken

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detecting fun and treasures found. Empty Re: detecting fun and treasures found.

Post  Guest on Fri May 09, 2014 12:21 am

Good story there Ken
It is fun finding things from the past..
Makes you think what is was like standing at that place watching the hares being chased down..
Ahhhh to go back in time.. If only   Laughing 
Just for a look in..
Be nice to know if there are any gold sovereigns around that track..

You never know what lays in the ground for you too find..
Hope it's something of interest like your soldiers boot...

Good luck when you get back out there..


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