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Indicators and Quartz reefs

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Post  Deez Mon May 06, 2013 6:45 pm

I actually found a rock that signalled off on my 5000 earlier this year while out detecting with a mate and thought nothing of it first up as it was a screaming signal. I dug down no more than about 5 inches and out popped the rock being the target. i looked at it and for the life of me couldnt see anything on this rock that would have made the 5000 scream. I then broke open the rock (Was a slate/Quartz rock) and there it was. A band of gold going right round the rock. Now at closer inspection after washing it with some water i could see one edge of the rock was slate and right next to that was a thin line which looked like a bit of pencil lead and then the gold band was next that and the quartz rock on the other side of the band of gold. I took this piece to a very knowledgable person regaurding gold and the first thing he said to me was the pencil lead coloured line was the indicator line. I managed to dolly up some of the rock and have found about 6 grams of gold so far with over half to be dollyed up still. I do still have a piece that shows this line very well and if i can manage a picture i will be more than happy to post it up for all to see.


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Indicators and Quartz reefs - Page 3 Empty Re: Indicators and Quartz reefs

Post  Digginerup Mon May 06, 2013 7:03 pm

That would be great, as the say a picture paints a thousand words, I do love a picture of a gold nugget or whatever form it's in but Geology can be the key,this kind of hands on in your face knowledge could be the most valuable of the two.

Wayne. cheers
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